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The Literary Groong - 01/14/2006

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	By Sara Margaryan


	Follow me. Under the moon,
	Where we usually meet.
	Follow me. Shattering stones
	Will fall from the roofs.
	We will never be happy together,
	But today? just follow me.
	Pure, innocent? don't utter a word.
	The petals faded. Follow me.
	I don't play games,
	I don't stay sober.
	I wait for the impossible.
	Reward my patience. Follow me.


	I still believe in you, my angel,
	Your empty eyes? immortal glimpses.
	Who lives? Who dies?
	Eternal question?


	The old café, memories are smooth,
	The lampshade, the cold tea, the unfinished scenario?
	Are you still alive, my dear friend?
	Of course you are, running after lunch
	To the beautiful and ugly women's rooms,
	Telling them what they want to hear, 
	Sleeping on their floors, beds, tables?
	Mornings hate you, drunk and stupid,
	You, who have left a treasure behind, 
	You, who can love like nobody else,
	Yet you, who are so ignorant of the sense of life.
	Are you still there, waiting for my shadow?
	Wanting my love, which belongs to the other?
	Answer, from the darkness of your existence, from the
	eternity of your shame?
	Answer, for I still cherish our nothingness together,
	I still think of you, oh fallen angel!


	Curious, I stepped inside, 
	To fall again.
	I flew and touched the walls,
	They did not hurt.
	They stank,
	They cried,
	They were wet
	And made of mud.
	I had to sleep.
	Yet I could not.
	I stepped inside.
	And? there was too hot.


Sara Margaryan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She has graduated from
Yerevan State Linguistic University and the European Peace University,
Stadtschlaining, Austria. At present she studies for a Master program
of Asian Studies, Lund, Sweden, specializing in modern Japan. Sara has
been writing poetry since childhood and published a book in 1999.
She writes mainly in Russian, but also in Armenian and English.

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