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The Literary Groong - 12/03/2005

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	By William Michaelian

	My grandmother sings Arravod Looso
	eats batz hatz and cheese all day watches
	soap operas with cross-eyed American girls
	wearing lots of makeup stealing each others'
	husbands having their babies amot she says
	I can't believe my eyes what are they doing
	who are these women why do they want
	to show everything when I was young my
	mother wore three dresses at a time
	a girl would fight to preserve her honor
	I remember Siranoush Gulian took her
	own life when she was violated
	her poor mother lost her mind and these
	girls look at them they keep their mouths
	open like prostitutes you can read their minds
	here have some grapes sit we'll talk how are
	things at school turn that thing off these filthy
	Americans make me sick please sit by me tsakoog.

Several of William Michaelian's poems and short stories have appeared
in Ararat. Many have also been translated into Armenian, and have been
published in Yerevan in Garun, Grakan Tert, Aghpyur, and Artasamanyan
Grakanutyun. The author maintains an extensive website at

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