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The Literary Groong - 11/19/2005

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    By Karine Ovsepian

    You are my daily mastering lie,
    The throne to my hearts thunderous sigh,
    The mind with soar transported fear,
    Watchful fire burning within oceans bed, which I can hear!
    You are the tune of my newest song,
    The words embraced within transparent lust of wrongs,
    The hand that rocks my worldwide cradle,
    My dream, my thorn, and melodious battle.
    You are the blessing of my daily thoughts,
    The invisible mortal, my souls suspicious want,
    The chain over my guilty faƧade, which I eagerly desire,
    Muted, infant lips which I would silence with passionate fire.
    You are my mastering feast and captivating wave,
    Tripping rose bush that craves for desire and raves,
    Secret aroma yet not discovered by planets of mist,
    Wisely passing by spreading fumes that taste like a kiss.
    You are the color of my mind,
    The compass leading to my heart,
    The teardrop held within my eyes,
    The lips that cover daily lies¦
    You are my wardrobes classy attire,
    Colors of black mixed with fire,
    The daily unexpected forecast,
    The unknown dish for my appetite.
    You are the risen river of lust,
    Devouring excellence, harboring thought from the past,
    A power so wise, a force with impressions that last.
    An everlasting persistence I engulf so fast.
    You are a trembling infant, out of words at times,
    Pressing upon womb as a hideout uncertain of lies.
    A vaulted floor of Hell and Heavens,
    Immune to folds of love and belief in forever's¦
    You are the kiss upon astonished waters,
    The quenching lip from jets of steam and slaughters,
    Foundation of shattered summits of ice,
    The hottest hand touching upon once broken heart.

Karine Ovsepian was born in Yerevan, Armenia, but grew up in the city
of Soukhumi by the Black Sea, which used to be the capital of
Abkhazian ASSR. Literature has been part of her life since school
days. She writes in Armenian, English and also in Russian. She is
planning to publish her first book.  Some of her English poems have
been published by the International Society of Poets in US.  She is a
graduate of CSULA with BA in English, minor in Creative Writing &
Biology. She believes poetry is a gift, a limitless gift of expression
and imagination to the world.

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