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The Literary Groong - 10/29/2005

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	By Araik Margarian

	Kurt Vonnegut said:
	`We all are inmates
	On the planet Earth'.
	If that is it,
	Shouldn't we thank guards
	For every bit of goods?
	For job and family,
	For friends and for health,
	For love and for food.
	And when step by step
	They take goods away,
	We still appreciate
	The miracle of life
	And the hope to revive.
	We all are hostages
	On invisible stage,
	We are brought here
	Against our will,
	Let argue with me
	Who was born with smile.
	But then amazingly
	We all get addicted
	To miracle of life
	And don't want give up.
	And the times when the guards
	Think of releasing us,
	We yell with all hearth.
	Hey, don't cheat on God,
	On this divine planet
	We haven't celebrated
	Our centennial yet.

Araik Margarian was born in Yerevan. He writes poems in English and
Armenian. He has lived in Boston since 1992.

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