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The Literary Groong - 10/22/2005

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	By Varoujan Froundjian

	Sipping tea at Le Cafe
	See bamboo chairs
	Reflect sorrows of afternoon,
	Dust bursts off my tongue
	Songs of bygone 
	Sheepish glance at shady glass.
	Then, for the fourth time 
	I observe the clock-
	Have a date with the Mountain
	Will he come by?
	Trumpet blasts at crow's tune
	Air is intense- spit and angst
	Blow the throats of 
	Disguised pawns 
	Breasts sigh as girls 
	Slide at sideways tide
	Stains surface on my white tie
	A frog mourns a lost lagoon-
	Have a date with the Mountain
	Will he come by?
	Rain now drops in dismal pace
	A mere glance to casual mate
	Oozes streams of sweat and haze
	Birds trade wings to random crumbs
	I am a goon longing for past
	A twig waves to passing lark
	Willing to bark-
	Have a date with the Mountain
	Will he come by?

Varoujan Froundjian graduated from Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatrical
Institute. He has directed several plays in Armenia, Cairo and Unites
States, among them, Eugene Ionesco's "The Lesson", Anton Chekhov's
`The Bear', George Feydeau's "A flea in Her Ear", and created
dramatizations of poetry by Yeghishe Charentz, and `Lamentatons' by
Krikor Naregatsi. In NYC, he introduced an anthology of Armenian
poetry and in Arlington, MA, he presented a dramatic monologue based
on the life and work of 19th century poet, mystic, Eghia
Demirjibashian. Varoujan frequently writes for the Armenian Reporter
International and his poems have been published in anthologies
produced by Most recently, Varoujan has started a series
of experiments where he combines poetry with computer animations soon
to be viewed on the Internet.

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