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The Literary Groong - 10/15/2005

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	* * *

	By Sara Margaryan

	Do you love the world you live in?
	Have you ever caught your own mind on despising it?
	If yes, have you ordered yourself
	Immediately to stop it?
	No? Then don't you think you still lead a hidden

	* * *

	Myself a wonderer,
	I always loved them -
	Shabby, with searching eyes,
	Curious, miserable at times,
	Shadowy, like ghosts,
	Proud in their purity of mind -

Sara Margaryan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She has graduated from
Yerevan State Linguistic University and the European Peace University,
Stadtschlaining, Austria. At present she studies for a Master program
of Asian Studies, Lund, Sweden, specializing in modern Japan. Sara has
been writing poetry since childhood and published a book in 1999.
She writes mainly in Russian, but also in Armenian and English.

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