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The Literary Groong - 10/01/2005

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	By Kevork K Kalayjian  Jr

	Dissolved pupils of the eye floating in search
	of melted conscience, pitiful, disdained 
	mermaids turning in automatic dishwashers
	lost fragments of clouds deodorizing laundry
	bleached charcoal sitting in a powder state
	waiting for enough liquid vapors to solidify 
	again under the transparent shelf below the 
	garlic salad next to the peeled watermelon,
	artificially engineered to render seedless 
	almost like the cat pruned and clawless.
	Dissolved intellect dwelling in cynicism 
	discovering new explanations for all the wrongs
	the useless expenditures, the failing grades,
	The decaying health, the dull morale... 
	failing intellect queued up at the entrance,
	of the comedy clubs, the dance Mecca's 
	the unemployment lines, the stadiums, 
	and finally at the SAT-college admissions or was it registration line
	Defrosted purpose made of diluted pupils to see only here and now
	can find no value in the past nor can envision the promise of a future

	Copyright  2005 Kevork K Kalayjian Jr 

Kevork K. Kalayjian, Jr.  A graduate of the AGBU's Melkonian
Educational Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus, holds a B.A. in Political
Science and Economics from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rutherford,
NJ, and a M. Ed.  Counseling Psychology, from William Paterson
University, Wayne, NJ. Kevork resides in NY with his wife Maral, and
three sons Aramazt, Tro, and Ohanes.

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