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The Literary Groong - 09/03/2005

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	By Karine Ovsepian

	Within numberless folds,
	A short silence summons me,
	As joy and fear rebounds my heart,
	With clusters of jocund music and airy crowd.

	Within such rebellious rout,
	I swarm within the air of arched pavement,
	As the thick airborne silence becomes the daily dew,
	I can't help but wonder if your presence will charm me anew.

	Within the dimensions of hollow salt,
	I taste your existence summoning my unstructured heart,
	As I level within spaced arches of expatiated and conferred self,
	Your immenseness as a frequent visitor becomes the setting sun.

	Within multitude of admiring praise,
	I set a new sound throughout my summoned heart,
	As my intentional abyssal dance of rebellious souls trots,
	A new dewy eve with falling star takes a number amidst my walls.

	Within my rising virtue of merit,
	I embrace your beckoning soul longing for wit,
	As I lick each succulent petal outlining your soul,
	You become my covert strife partitioning self from the world.

	Within immortal eminence of such love,
	Dignity falls kissing ambitious mind and heart thereof,
	As we ponder with proud imaginations ascending our restlessness,
	Portions of you and I prosper fiercer by despair. 

	Within endless crease,
	A short silence summons me,
	As love and faith recoil my empathy,
	With scattered musical notes,
	I choose to dance to silenced cords!

Karine Ovsepian was born in Yerevan, Armenia, but grew up in the city
of Soukhumi by the Black Sea, which used to be the capital of
Abkhazian ASSR. Literature has been part of her life since school
days. She writes in Armenian, English and also in Russian. She is
planning to publish her first book.  Some of her English poems have
been published by the International Society of Poets in US.  She is a
graduate of CSULA with BA in English, minor in Creative Writing &
Biology. She believes poetry is a gift, a limitless gift of expression
and imagination to the world.

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