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The Literary Groong - 05/28/2005

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	By Armenoui Minassian 

	I saw trees hanged head down in the lakes,
	I saw lawns that covered up the dumps.
	I heard footfalls that pecked the stillness of night
	And faded away in the jaw of the dark.

	I saw it, and someone else has seen it,
	I heard it, and someone else has heard it.
	What we'll do that will be a test¦

	I saw the sun burning the unprotected
	Who worked without breaks and without hopes
	I saw rains that washed away the traces
	And a thunder that muffled all the cries for help.

	I saw it, and someone else has seen it,
	I heard it, and someone else has heard it.
	What we'll do that will be a test.

	I saw daylights- revealed dark secrets of nights,
	I saw ravens- babbled on secretive lies, 
	Thieving magpies that got away with the prize
	And an owl that went blind at nights.

	I saw it and someone else has seen it
	I heard it, and someone else has heard it
	What we'll do, that will be a choice.

	With the Touch of Spring Sun¦

	I'm walking in the garden,
	The soil enjoys free life,
	After snow cold burden
	The plants smile and thrive.

	This is the time when morning's
	Sun is caring and bold.
	This is the time when evenings
	Do not threaten with cold.

	This is the time when colors
	Have their chance and place
	One `colored desires
	Don't dominate in a space.

	The air is full of fragrance
	Of fresh blooms and new grass 
	Lilac takes its chances
	Pink is ready to dance.

	I can't take of my eyes
	Of peach tree's fancy gowns
	Snow-white blooms of plums
	Dance with green and brown.

	The bushes flirt with breeze
	Flowers chat with grass
	Bees make confessions
	With loud and endless buzz.

	With the touch of spring sun
	The whole nature rejoices,
	When white burden is gone
	The soil makes new choices.

Armenouhi Minassian was born in the village of Mughni in Ashtarak
District of Armenia. She's a graduate from the Yerevan State
University with a Masters degree in Armenian Language and Literature
and in Teaching.  For several years she worked as a teacher in #155
Secondary school of Yerevan. Armenouhi started to write poetry when
she was 10. Her first poem was broadcast by Armenian radio when she
was in the third grade. She received her first award for reading her
poetry in the Scholastic Olympics competition in 1966. Her first
article was published in the Ashtarak district Newspaper in 1972.

Armenoui migrated to the United States in 1993. In 2001, a collection
of her poetry was published in Los Angeles under the title "Veratsnund".
Her poems have appeared in "Hi Life", "Asbarez", "Azdarar", "New
Mirage Quarterly" and in several anthologies including "The Best Poets
and Poems of 2002". Her new poetry collection "Mundane Yearnings",
written in Armenian, is ready for publication. Recently she started to
write song lyrics both in English and Armenian.

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