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The Literary Groong - 04/16/2005

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	By Sara Margaryan

	You open your eyes ?
	A child with colorful dreams.
	The rays of the sun
	Make your dark deep eyes
	Lighter, brighter and take away
	Their adult sadness.

	Those were the last rays
	You have ever enjoyed, girl!

	The gunmen rushed into the room ?
	The sun turned into a cloud, groaning
	At your helplessness to understand?

	Oh, little girl! Close your big black eyes!
	Those taken away
	Will never be back again.
	The puddles of red liquid by the threshold are real.
	Don?t taste them, trying to convince yourself,
	That it?s tomato juice.
	Don?t, girl! You will taste bitterness and salt.

	Shut your little ears
	With your innocent thin fingers ?
	Those taken away are crying.
	Don?t try to catch them,
	Bring them back?
	Don?t, child.

	If your little feet are strong,
	Run away!
	For you can never know, never contemplate
	How a human, turned into a beast, can behave.
	Your pure innocent mind
	Is blank ? the atrocities are yet to come.

	Run?if you can.
	But be prepared to feel
	A burning pain in your fragile back
	If a bullet reaches you.

	No? they don?t kill like that.
	They spare bullets,
	Yet they don?t spare knives.

	Run, little girl,
	If your thoughts are still there,
	In the eternity of future,
	In the unrealized dreams,
	Full of life?love? then run!

	Bu if the shadows of the past
	Will haunt you forever,
	If the wild, bitter scream
	Of your mother, her searching eyes
	Will never let you live ? 
	Then draw the curtains,
	Let those brutal fiends look
	For a little piece of grief 
	In the corner of nowhere...

	(She ran, and survived. Now her old, wrinkled face is
	trembling and tears sparkle in those once big black
	eyes full of memories which can never be razed away).

Sara Margaryan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She has graduated from
Yerevan State Linguistic University and the European Peace University,
Stadtschlaining, Austria. At present she studies for a Master program
of Asian Studies, Lund, Sweden, specializing in modern Japan. Sara has
been writing poetry since childhood and published a book in 1999.
She writes mainly in Russian, but also in Armenian and English.

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