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The Literary Groong - 04/09/2005

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	by Hakop Halajian

	Vulgar sweet perfume in thick glass bottles
	And an aura of grey cigarette smoke
	Hazing the pale damsel;
	Strengthening her mysterious, black and white reign.
	Cold hands on the balcony with martini
	During Los Angeles hail with lightening
	And thunder.
	Transparent, thin bed sheets like nets that capture me;
	Leave me hers.
	Deceptive and lying;
	Hypnotizing with vanilla lovely, nicotine ugly breath.
	Her laced, colorless self with feet dressed in heels
	Emitting sagacious and shrewd intuitions
	With grace.
	Exposing a careless and potent quality
	With a fragile, delicate voice.

Hakop Halajian was born in Hollywood, California in 1989. He is
currently a student at Burbank High School striving to become a film
director and writer. His inspirators include Pedro Almodovar, Federico
Fellini, Sergei Parajanov, Francois Truffaut, Gabriel Garcia Marquez,
and Milan Kundera.

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