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The Literary Groong - 02/12/2005

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	By Grish Davtian

	Plucked her gasp from an azure dream
	The dancer is an incarnate song, alluring,
	She interprets a sublime mystery
	By her graceful stature of a princess.

	The soft tune breaks off the clouds
	And cracks suddenly like a thunder,
	Crashes indomitably, full of fire,
	Which burns feelings and love.

	The soft modulation slides again,
	Asking for caresses and consolation,
	Nestles on my chest with jealousy
	Unveiling lust and consummation.

	Again she takes momentum obstinately,
	Sliding softly and submissively,
	Captivates me with her power of charm,
	And makes me a worshiper of her altar.

	She turns aside with flexible course,
	And hangs from my neck, in my arms,
	She is divine in her intoxication,
	Wandering around me in tides.

	She embraces my soul with a horrific dash
	In the deep whirlpool of unending rhythms
	And scatters it on her charmer skirt
	Like drops of light in a delight of blue.

Grish Davtian runs a one hour weekly literary program, called Literary
Ether, on Horizon Armenian TV. The book of his English poems "The
American Pulse" has recently been published by Publish America LLLP,
USA. He is also the editor of The Literary Groong (TLG) webpage on the
Groong Armenian News Network website.

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