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The Literary Groong - 01/01/2005

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	by Tamar Haytayan Armen

	As we all try to look ahead
	Trying to focus further on
	We cannot help but wonder of yesterday
	Lingering for a moment
	In the experience of it all

	Will tomorrow be better?
	The ever present question
	Lying dormant in our subconscious
	Woken up by memories
	We try hard to capture

	Will the flowers bloom
	In the fields of our varied lives
	We remember the seeds sowed
	In the earth of our memories

	We go forward always
	Distracted by life
	Powerful enough
	But not enough

	To distract us from who we are

Tamar Haytayan Armen was born in Lebanon, lived in London for over 20
years and after volunteering in Armenia for one year with the Armenian
Volunteer Corps, now lives in Vancouver, with her husband, Haig.
Tamar is a trained photographer, and works as a freelance writer. She
says "A day doesn't go by without the thought of Armenia in my mind."

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