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The Literary Groong - November 20, 2004

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	by Dr. Vahe Ampagoumian

	Clear Blue 24th Day 
	A nothing new day, just like yesterday, an April spring day 
	Devil's horsemen rode in this morning, without warning 
	Plying death and destruction 

	Doomsday Vestiges 
	Apocalyptic images, sickening grimaces, what planet is this? 
	Homes burning, stomachs churning, loved ones yearning 
	For the lost souls 

	Terror Pervading 
	Soldiers raiding, structures cascading, hopes are fading 
	Symbols crumbled, bodies jumbled, humanity has stumbled 
	Into madness 

	A Nation's Pain 
	Deeply felt, fellow humans hearts melt 
	Fear and dread, so many dead, a rage of red 
	Runs through my head

	Those who paid with their lives today, 
	I salute them. For them, I will pray,
	And lay a wreath, a poetic bouquet

	On This Clear, Blue, 24th Day

Vahe Ampagoumian is a Canadian Armenian and has been writing since he
was 13. His primary influence and inspiration is William Saroyan. He
wrote this poem for today's generation of young Armenians, to ask them
never to forget.

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