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The Literary Groong - 07/24/2004

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	By Tamara Haytayan Armen

	You envelop me
	Your sweet smell
	Permeates in the air
	Hold me tight

	Do you feel my heart?
	Against your chest
	It is trying to reach
	Your heart
	Is it whispering?
	What is it saying?
	I lift my head
	From the warmth
	Of your embrace
	I look up
	You look down
	Isn't this divine
	You whisper to me
	Your lips moving
	Without uttering much sound
	I do not need to hear
	I nod in sweet agreement
	Shyness entering my heart
	My lips curl into a half smile
	My eyes roll a look over your body
	Give me your hand
	I say
	Not with words
	But with my hand
	We do not need words
	Our gestures say it 
	Words would only
	Slice through
	This beautiful silence
	It is not silent
	Do you hear
	The beat
	The beating of my heart
	To feel yours
	Pounding with desire
	I am yours

Tamar Haytayan Armen was born in Lebanon, lived in London for over 20
years and after volunteering in Armenia for one year with the Armenian
Volunteer Corps, now lives in Vancouver, with her husband, Haig.
Tamar is a trained photographer, and works as a freelance writer. She
says "A day doesn't go by without the thought of Armenia in my mind."

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