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The Literary Groong - 05/22/2004

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	by Shushan Avagyan
	Installation by L. Bourgeois, 1999-2000

	Trapped in a white dress of crochets I step forward 
	to hold his thick arm.

	I am offered the blush apple
	tartness, served on a silver hook.

	I take a small bite. Juices trickle down my chin
	onto the bleached lace of my bridal dress

	stains of blood.

	Poison seeping through all inside my veins.
	He gently lays me down into the crystal coffin.

	Our marriage bed. 

Shushan Avagyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia.  She is currently
working on her master's degree in English Literature, and is a
recipient of the Dalkey Archive Press fellowship at the Illinois
State University.

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