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The Literary Groong - 04/17/2004

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	By Razmig Arabian

	The sun sank lower,
	As the train tracks curved,
	The day passed slower,
	As my thoughts they churned,

	The city had vanished,
	When my last breath was drawn,
	Though I still felt the damage,
	As I reached with my arms,

	I tried my very best,
	To snatch but one wisp of air,
	For I had been blessed,
	To catch one last scent of her hair,

	It's strange that the flavor of last autumn,
	Still lingers on the back of your tongue,
	But how you can lose someone forever...
	I'll miss you... so long.

Razmig composes music, writes songs and leads the band One Size. He
publishes his poetry and songs online, most of his work can be found
at When he is not writing or singing with his
band he skateboards, Skim boards and takes photos and draws.

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