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The Literary Groong - 04/10/2004

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	By Raymond B. Kupelian

	If not calling you
	My little crazy girl
	Somehow will liberate you
	From the sense of guilt
	That our society has built
	In your sub consciousness.
	Then so must it be...

	That senseless action
	Isn't a salvation
	Neither an option
	Which will no doubt 
	Bring destruction
	To the fine relation
	That has emerged
	From the scraps of our past...

	Not calling each other
	Will not solve any problem
	Will not heal any wound
	Will only deepen our sorrow
	And stress our loneliness
	Will destroy the beauty
	Of this unique relation
	And will not make us
	Perfectly sound person...

	Not hearing your voice                      
	Do I have a choice
	From the cellular 
	Or an ordinary phone 
	Will set a different tune
	Into our atomized lives
	It will mean stopping briefing
	Falling into deep coma 
	And the abysses 
	Of daily neuroses 
	Embracing a slow death...

Raymond B. Kupelian is a recognized author in the Diaspora as well as
in Armenia, where a sampling of his short stories and latest two
novels have been published. Now in his sixties, Mr. Kupelian has lived
in Liberia and Sierra Leone for more than twenty years.  His African
short stories have been translated into English and Russian.

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