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The Literary Groong - 01/10/2004

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	By Shushan Avagyan

	There is a bustle in the air,
	a rattling, a soft commotion, 
	clouds gossiping in espionage
	as Yerevan breeds quietly with gray -

	Could I be a spirit trapped
	in a statue, white covering my toes?
	Looking up - the sky is solemn,
	filled with easy dancing flurries
	that separate us -

	they condemn this marriage
	of fast melting heartbeats,
	brusque slaps on my naked face
	that sometimes hurt, especially the ones
	spinning the eye - like icicles
	from fairytales, so I ignore the laughing
	doilies that resist and stay,
	clinging to my bronze shield
	as surrogate drapes.

Shushan Avagyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia.  She is currently
working on her master's degree in English Literature, and is a
recipient of the Dalkey Archive Press fellowship at the Illinois
State University.

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