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The Literary Groong - 10/11/2003

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	By Razmig Arabian

	I brought you down, But you kept 
	with me, Pushed you to the ground, 
	yet you have not left me, 
	You help me stand strong today,
	I used to live in yesterday, 
	But i am better now, 
	You told me how i make you proud,
	you have kept your faith, 
	And taught me how to appreciate, 
	All that i have, 
	And what i have been blessed with, 
	And once i had felt trapped, 
	But it was you that had helped me,
	I stand here today, all better and 
	well, i don't know what to say, 
	except thank you for all the help, 
	You have brought tears to my eyes, 
	You have taught me to try, 
	and how to live through, 
	all my unlucky Red Skies,

Razmig is 16 years old, a sophomore at the Watertown High School, MA.
He composes music, writes songs and leads the band One Size. He
publishes his poetry and songs online, most of his work can be found
at When he is not writing or singing with his
band he skateboards, Skim boards and takes photos and draws.

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