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The Literary Groong - 07/19/2003

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	By Razmig Arabian

	She tells me she loves me
	she is filled with lies
	She asked me how could I see
	I said through your eyes 
	She ran away 
	She went where no one knows her name
	she went to a place with less growing pains
	I never saw her again
	but times got worse
	I was blamed for her wrongs
	I was quite hurt
	maybe I should join her in a far away land
	maybe we could be together hand in hand 
	where no one knows your name
	a place with less growing pains
	one day I will see 
	it wasn't meant to be
	yet that doesn't bother me
	I have so much to lose yet so much to gain
	every cloud is in my way 
	and I am drowned in Growing Pains.

	Copyright 2003 Razmig Harry Arabian 

Razmig is 16 years old, a sophomore at the Watertown High School, MA.
He composes music, writes songs and leads the band One Size. He
publishes his poetry and songs online, most of his work can be found
at When he is not writing or singing with his
band he skateboards, Skim boards and takes photos and draws.

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