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The Literary Groong - 03/15/2003

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        Of SWAN

        By Grish Davtian

        You are beautiful
        Whenever you glide
        On the sea of my admiration,
        With your discrete and reserved majesty,
        Like the swan
        With soft and stretched smoothness,
        Rich with curvature
        And falling spiral...

        You drive me to seduction
        With your swan-like grace...

        My desires undulate
        In the blue lake of your words,
        Where my vessel swings
        By your caprice of
        Given and declined promises...

        It is the breath of the breeze and the lake
        Which blows with tender gasp,
        And caresses me charmingly...

        It is the play of the lake and the fish,
        Leaping with the wave,
        And snatching the sunray
        Smashes it into my sight...

        You are beautiful
        Like the swan,
        Whose feather has become
        The love-song pen of my desires;
        While the willow on the lakeshore
        With carelessly hung branches
        Reflects your image in my view...

        The swan glides majestically
        On the lake of my feelings,
        Its delicate curly neck
        Against the soft caresses of the breeze,
        Whereas you bend on my shoulder
        Rub your breasts against my chest,
        The tenderness of your hips crumples
        And the last word of your rejection
        Breaks down...

        ...And your hands touching,
        Disturbs the lake of my soul,
        And you glide
        Like the swan,
        And the trembling lake of my desires
        Deepens in your eyes...

Grish Davtian was born in Nor Jugha, Esfahan, Iran. His work includes
poetry and literary criticism written in Armenian, and, more recently,
poetry written in English. He has worked as the founding editor for
the Aregak monthly journal, in 1964-5 in London, and editor of the
literary pages of Alik Daily newspaper, in 1980-1985 in Tehran. As a
member of the Armenian Writer's Society in Iran, he has served as
the vice president and president of this organization for several
years. He has three books of poems published in Armenian. Now living
in Glendale, CA, USA, Davtian has been in charge of the literary pages
of the Asparez Daily newspaper in 1997-2001. He has initiated the
Literary Asparez monthly meetings, sponsored by the Glendale Public
Library. He runs a one hour weekly literary program, called Literary
Ether, on Horizon Armenian TV. The book of his English poems "The
Ameriacan Pulse" has recently been published by Publish America LLLP,
USA. He is also the editor of The Literary Groong (TLG) webpage on the
Groong Armenian News Network website.

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