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The Literary Groong - 03/08/2003

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	By Sara Margaryan

	You are trying continuously
	to reach for life
	and you don't mind
	all the obstacles on your way.
	Some people admire your stubbornness,
	others gossip, that you are a failure.
	You don't mind them, either.
	You scrawl on your knees,
	jump as high as your feet can lift you,
	run as long as there is a road ahead,
	with widely stretched arms,
	ready to grasp it - the life.
	Sometimes, of course, it passes by, unnoticed,
	because of your high speed,
	but the main thing is, that you believe in success.

	Keep on going, just slow down a bit
	and turn round when you hear a cuckoo;
	when you see the sunset, stop and glorify it;
	when you are freezing at night, light a fire under the
	when the sun burns, jump into the sea to cool down;
	when people drink toasts, join them.
	And the road will wait...
	Don't run all the time.

Sara Margaryan was born in Yerevan, Armenia and is currently studying
in Austria. She has written poetry since childhood and has been
published several times. She writes mainly in Russian, but also in
Armenian and English.
Sara graduated from the Yerevan State Linguistic University in 1999.
She has been published in Armenia and Russia, and has participated in
the contest of poets - translators in Armenia, where she won third
prize. She has authored one book of poetry in Russian language, and
presently working at the second one to be published in 2003.

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