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The Literary Groong - 11/09/2002

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	"Can you save me?"

	By Alla Tatiyants 

	Can you save me
	From this cruel, cold world?
	Can you bear all the pain
	I have inside of me?
	And not be scared of all the
	darkness you will see?
	All of those hearts torn away
	and slashed into pieces...
	Can you repair my wounds
	without saying a cruel word?
	Or will you hurt me even more
	without looking inside my pitiful heart?
	Will you heal my soul and
	Will you help me grow?
	Or do I ask too much from a
	Poor helpless man?
	A man who can't help me
	Who can't save me,
	You don't know a thing about me
	And yet you want to heal me.
	You can't save me and
	You can't help me
	Everything I need I have within me,
	I just have to learn and
	Find that power to bring myself
	Back from the unknown faraway.
	Where the sky is always black
	and where the tears never stop,
	Where the heart beats once and
	one pitiful breath...
	Is all you get to survive,
	If you think that you can
	save me from this world of mine,
	You are mistaken
	Because many have tried and
	No one could....
	They have just lied...
	Just like you would!

Alla Tatiyants is a student at CSUN. She was born in Baku and has
written poetry since she was 15 years old. Her poetry is written when
feelings and emotions become so overwhelming and heavy that it becomes
unbearable to keep it all inside; when there is no one it can be said
to and no words explained with. Alla's poems are submitted for
publication in a book where talented teenagers have a chance to have
their voices heard and poems published.

Copyright  2002 Alla Tatiyants

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