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The Literary Groong - 11/02/2002

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	By Shushan Avagyan

	A broken typewriter
	two rolls of Tungsten film
	a newspaper with a photograph
	of the burning twin towers
	a City Lights publication
	of Kaddish & other poems
	a pair of bright yellow sunglasses
	in the red Polaroid case
	which i stole from my mother's bureau
	[before i left her house]
	an old issue of Depi Yerkir
	and a box of Kotex tampons:
	all crammed 
	on my brown folding table. 

Shushan Avagyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia, attended the Melkonian
Educational Institute in Cyprus, and graduated from Cedar Crest
College, Allentown, PA with a BFA in Book Arts/Printmaking. She has
Translated many texts, including Vazken Azatian's third edition of
"Armenia: A Guidebook", published in 1999. Shushan received the Howard
Agar Memorial Award for creativity in the Humanities and Arts, and the
First Poetry Prize at the 2002 Armenian Allied Arts Association's
Literature Contest. She writes in Armenian and English, her third
language, and also translates Armenian feminist literature.

Copyright  2002 Shushan Avagyan.

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