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The Literary Groong - 09/15/2002

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	By Raffi

	I look at the faces around me,
	I sense the places in my heart,
	I feel the pain of leaving,
	I know that I must part.

	I am now at where I was,
	When I was nothing in the womb,
	I need to put my life on pause,
	Or enter the sacred tomb.

	Right foot in, left foot out,
	Left foot in, no foot out,
	Lay on back, figure out,
	Life's end, no doubt.

	Aging mother, please don't pout. 
	Fount of life has tainted my mouth,
	Burnt my body,
	Wasted my soul.

	Help somebody...

	No more,
	No more!

Raffi was born in Los Angeles, California after his parents immigrated
to the United states in 1984.  He realized his gift of writing at age
14 and since then he has written hundreds of poems and short stories.
His themes are influenced by Armenian history and culture, but they
have evolved into studies of man and his actions, feelings, passions,
and morals. Raffi's writings have not been published.  He wishes to
begin work on a novel and slowly compile his best work and publish
them as a collection of short stories, poems, and essays.

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