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The Literary Groong - 05/01/2002

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	Lust & Love

	By Alla Tatiyants

	My life has been a mess,
	I need someone's caress.
	My life is passing me by,
	Without me caring why.
	I have been to the bottom 
	of everything,
	and yet it seems like 
	I still don't know a thing.
	Everything in my life seems to be perfect,
	but yet when I look around...
	It seems like something is still missing.
	When am I going to find that one thing
	that makes our lives look so perfect
	and makes us feel so relieved?
	Are you that someone that I have been missing?
	Or is it just me trying to see 
	something that doesn't seem to exist?
	Or may be my life has been so horrible and cold
	that I always long for something to be there,
	and eventually I realize that the only thing 
	that has been around me is cold and suffocating air!
	And when I realize this 
	you will see that it will be too late 
	to change anything in my life,
	because that same moment...
	You will be kneeling next to my grave!
	Oh yes, you can say that I was brave,
	and you can say that I was blind 
	because even though I knew that
	this something I was never to find
	I still searched without a doubt.
	And may be my loss will help you realize
	that life is too short to search for 
	something that can never be found, 
	I realized it a bit too late and
	now I see you next to my grave,
	and hope my tears reach you from up here,
	and my voice will echo in your head...
	And yet I still am searching,
	knowing that there is 
	no life after death.

Alla Tatiyants is a student at CSUN. She was born in Baku and has
written poetry since she was 15 years old. Her poetry is written when
feelings and emotions become so overwhelming and heavy that it becomes
unbearable to keep it all inside; when there is no one it can be said
to and no words explained with. Alla's poems are submitted for
publication in a book where talented teenagers have a chance to have
their voices heard and poems published.

Copyright  2002 Alla Tatiyants

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