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The Literary Groong - 04/24/2002

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	By Grish Davtian
	(For the millions of the Armenian Martyrs of The Genocide)

	The torrential wave of blood pounds my chest,
	Stirring furiously from the depths of the desert,
	Rising from the dry sand, from the slashed breast of my holy mother,
	Wherefrom my orphan brother received his dreadful sustenance.

	Sustenance from the slashed breast of mother... Raped and ravished...
	Instead of the vivifying juice of milk
	He suckled the bitter drops of coagulated and suppurated sacred blood,
	The curse of the atrocious world for the mankind.

	My orphaned and wretched brother was satiated with vengeance,
	The brother of mine, who otherwise would have incensed like a censer,
	His pure eyes, luminous and compassionate of old,
	Were filled with the poison of rancor, perfidious, gloomy and dark.

	Alas, my loves of spring... Alas my desire for life...
	How should I embrace you with docile and sweet enjoyment yet again?
	Whereas my brother, who is myself, became identified with my horrid revenge,
	Which he suckled from the slashed breast of my holy mother...

	Glendale, CA.

Grish Davtian was born in Nor Jugha, Esfahan, Iran. His work includes
poetry and literary criticism written in Armenian, and, more recently,
poetry written in English. He has worked as the founding editor for
the Aregak monthly journal, in 1964-5 in London, and editor of the
literary pages of Alik Daily newspaper, in 1980-1985 in Tehran. As a
member of the Armenian Writer's Society in Iran, he has served as
the vice president and president of this organization for several
years. He has three books of poems published in Armenian. Now living
in Glendale, CA, USA, Davtian has been in charge of the literary pages
of the Asparez Daily newspaper in 1997-2001. He has initiated the
Literary Asparez monthly meetings, sponsored by the Glendale Public
Library. He runs a one hour weekly literary program, called Literary
Ether, on Horizon Armenian TV. The book of his English poems "The
Ameriacan Pulse" has recently been published by Publish America LLLP,
USA. He is also the editor of The Literary Groong (TLG) webpage on the
Groong Armenian News Network website.

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